Sustainable Flooring: Discover Eco-friendly Flooring Solutions from ROC

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At ROC Agencies, we are dedicated to representing manufacturers who produce sustainable flooring solutions. We ensure that our floors and carpets are not only beautiful in design and great performing but also that they are produced from sustainable products through a sustainable process. People are looking at all angles before purchasing the right floor such as design, performance, installation process and now sustainability. Take a look at what some of our manufacturing partners are doing to ensure their products are sustainable:

Rols Wool Carpets 

All carpets and rugs are woven with sustainable raw materials

From the very beginning, Rols Wool Carpets has had one main value to carry out responsible manufacturing with their community, the people and the environment. How do Rols make a difference?

  1. Recycled Nylon – This fibre is produced entirely from recycled fishing nets recovered from the ocean.
  2. Recycled PET –  This fibre comes from recycled plastic bottles and just 1 square metre of Rols carpets can contain over 130 recycled plastic bottles.
  3. Wool – It is the most widely used natural fibre in carpets and rugs and is totally renewable!
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IVC Beyond Flooring

Every year IVC recycle 20,000 tonnes of PVC material

IVC is proudly apart of ‘Circular Flooring’ which is a new EU project that aims to establish a circular recycling process for used PVC floors from post-consumer waste. Every year IVC recycle 20,000 tonnes of PVC materials turning it into the backing of LVT.  Here are three way’s IVC is making a change:

  1. Scheldt Water Project –  IVC use water from the nearby Scheldt river to cool down the production infrastructure.
  2. Green Energy – They have a 454 solar panel park in Dalton, Georgia and three windmills in the Avelgem site in Belgium. With the Scheldt Water Project and their green energy investments, their CO2 emissions have reduced by 5,827 tonnes per year!
  3. Green Transport – They export 90% of their products via water and is an essential part of their sustainable transport system.

Vorwerk Flooring

At Vorwerk they are able to entirely avoid using fossil fuels thanks to the use of district stream

“Green is the colour at Vorwerk Flooring, from the company logo to its products and production processes”. Take a look at some of the steps Vorwerk have taken:

  1. Using District Steam- Thanks to using district steam, Vorwerk Flooring only consumes 21g of CO2 per kWh which is well below the industry average of 260g.
  2. Econyl Yarn –  Using Econyl yarn saves up to 80% CO2 emissions compared to other standard yarns.
  3. Reusing recycled material – Vorwerk use recycled material from their in-house production saving approximately 17 truckloads of adhesive per year!
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