Interior Design Tip: Flooring with Timeless Geometric Patterns

By August 8, 2018News
Moduleo Moood Herringbone Slim Classic - Geometric Floor Design

Timeless Geometric Patterns Back in Interior Design


Geometric patterns are becoming more and more popular in the interior design industry. The main reason is that geometric theme is really timeless, elegant and modern.  Using pattern can bring brand new interest and a contemporary feeling to any interior.

There is no reason not to follow these awesome geometric design trends. Herringbone, hexagon, diamond, triangle… choose your favourite!

Moduleo MOODS Diamond Origami - Vinyl Floor



The collection of carpet tiles entitled TEXtiles SL opens up realms of leeway for innovative designing. TEXtiles SL is a very personal invitation addressed to free thinking and imaginative Fantasy.

Inspiring tile models in geometric styles and highly expressive free-form shapes arose in co-operation with the award-winning designers W. Aisslinger and H. Teherani. The attraction lies in the combination of profiles, textures, colours and patterns.


Sophisticated patterns and alternating textures


Carpet Images bursting with expression originate in fanciful ways while imparting a distinctive character to rooms. Each individual carpet-tile creation is a pearl – one that attains its artistic synthesis through the planner’s imaginative composition and foresight. 

mood geometric patterns - interior design


Create the floor that is just right for you

Moduleo® Moods© is a creative studio where you can combine 10 creative and unique formats with a selection of stone and wood textures from our Transform and Impress ranges to create over 110 beautiful floor designs, from classically elegant to wildly dynamic, all with the signature Moduleo® quality.


The Triangle pattern is easily the boldest and most powerful flooring
pattern in our collection: the large angular shapes have a very strong
presence and dominant rhythm that will play a leading role in even the most expressive of interior spaces.


The Herringbone Small pattern is one of the most successful flooring patterns ever created and dates back many centuries. The fact that it’s found in grand castles just as well as modern day family homes is a clear sign of the charm and diversity of this pattern. 


The Hexagon Random pattern brings a level of sophistication to
any floor, and adapts very well to different types and sizes of spaces
because it doesn’t have a dominant angle or direction.


The Diamond Origami pattern looks like a stylised flock of birds traveling across the floor in an abstract and gentle play of geometric lines and dynamic and angular shapes.


The Honeycomb pattern is a modern recreation of a vintage classic: a traditional flooring pattern executed in contemporary textures and modern day high quality materials, this pattern is a playful and light-hearted way to add character to your interior.


The Staggered Columns pattern combines the whole range of our rectangular planks with our coloured joint strips, resulting in a floor that combines a zen-like harmony with striking detail.

When you’ve found the combination that is perfect for you, simply get in touch with us