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Implementing a Social Distancing Office Design

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COVID-19 has impacted the way we live our lives and also how we work together. The pandemic has presented a serious challenge for business returning to work forcing them to rethink their daily operations and how they can create a social distancing office design. Many businesses have already pivoted towards the new normal by introducing measures that will reduce the spread of this virus.

  • What are the challenges companies face when returning to the office?
  • How can the company make the office a safe environment for their employees to work?
social distancing measures - commercial flooring - social distancing office design


Creating a safe environment for employees

hand sanitiser - social distancing - sanitation stations
face mask - social distance measures
2 metre social distance sign - covid19 signs
no handshake- social distance measure

The first stage of reopening the office will involve basic changes to keep employees safe and confident that they can return to their desk. Hygiene and sanitation will be at the heart of workplace planning. Employees desks will now represent a physical separation between colleagues and extra measures will be put in place to ensure the virus doesn’t spread. Here are some examples of the measures been undertaken by companies:

  • Social Distance Signage– Stickers are being integrated around the buildings to reinforce the message that keeping a social distance can help slow the spread of the virus.
  • Sneeze Guards/Screens – PVC screens are being assembled to protect employees and customers from saliva droplets, sneezes, or coughs.

Social Distancing Designs

Businesses around the world will be looking to implement social distancing measures around their office. What more can they do to ensure the health and safety of their employees by keeping a safe distance from each other? Companies will be searching for materials that can withstand heavy cleaning, easy-to-maintain and products which are durable.

Designing an office layout which ensures a safe distance between employees is here to stay! Scroll down below to see how your floor can do just that.

Heterogeneous Vinyl Tiles

Heterogeneous tiles meet these requirements for designing an office floor which creates social distancing while maintaining high levels of sanitation. The vinyl tiles will provide you with a baseline for a safer and more hygienic work environment which will be at the forefront of every companies mind.

  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Very hygienic because it is coated with a bacteriostatic layer
  • Comes in a wide variety of designs providing you with thousands of possibilities to choose from.
ivc heterogeneous vinyl tiles - commercial flooring- social distancing office design
ivc carpet tiles - social distancing office design - functional zones - balanced hues

Carpet Tiles

The versatility of carpet tiles offers a plethora of designs providing companies with the opportunity to create safe social distancing designs without compromising style or quality. Carpet tiles are a durable solution for offices which add value and creative designs for your offices.

  • Perfectly suited for highlighting functional zones!
  • Available in 50 x 50 cm so you can combine carpet tiles through different designs or colours to create a social distancing office design.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

The office has high foot traffic so a floor which is easy-to-maintain is essential. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) is the perfect solution for your office space.

  • Create zones through different colours, shapes, or textures reassuring to their employees and customers to keep a safe distance from each other.
  • Creating a safe office layout will become the norm for companies around the world.
  • LVT is easy-to-clean, durable, waterproof and easy to install.
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High-Quality Social Distancing Mat

ROC Agencies has introduced a high-quality social distancing mat which can be used instead of floor stickers. Some of the unique benefits are:

  • Consistent communication of social distancing rules
  • Cost-effective and durable way to demonstrate that you take health and safety seriously
  • No replacement needed unlike floor stickers which wear very easily
  • Antimicrobial and protectionite PU layer
ivc social distancing mat - commercial flooring

All sectors need a social distancing design! 

ivc luxury vinyl tiles - social distancing design- cafe - studio moods big hexagon
ivc heterogeneous vinyl tiles - education sector - social distancing design
ivc heterogeneous vinyl - school social distancing design - classroom
ivc luxury vinyl tiles - restaurant social distancing design -studio moods mesh

Introducing the Innovative LayRed 55 Engineered Vinyl Floor

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LayRed 55 Engineered Vinyl Floor: the strong, silent and innovative flooring solution

LayRed 55 is an innovative flooring collection which is acoustically high-performing, sustainable, and designed to stand its ground in the most extreme circumstancesA premium floor with an integrated underlay is perfect for both high foot traffic commercial applications and all of the challenges which are faced within a home such as uneven surfaces.


The Inspiration

The world’s population is growing rapidly and technology is transforming the way we live our lives. With this acceleration, there’s a demand for innovative products that are ahead of their time. People are becoming more consciously aware of what they are purchasing and placing more time and effort into researching products before buying them. Moduleo recognised these challenges and decided to create a product that overcame these problems. LayRed is moduleo’s first engineered floor that takes innovation in vinyl flooring to a whole new level.

The Innovation

LayRed 55 collection is the result of two years of extensive research by IVC research and development department. The challenge Moduleo faced were:

  • How do they develop a renovation-friendly floor without losing the extraordinary levels of comfort vinyl floors are known for?
  • How can they create a vinyl floor with the ability to bridge uneven surfaces on an existing floor avoiding the need to level it first?
  • How could they design a strong and rigid floor without losing the acoustic values their vinyl floors are known for?

Scroll down to find out 



  • Scratch and stain-resistant thanks to its PU Protective layer.
  • A plethora of designs to choose from which are all inspired by wood and stone.
  • Every plank has its own unique bevel which strengthens the look.

The upper layers of the plank combine their authentic designs with performance. The LayRed collection offers 31 in-house developed and printed designs, all inspired by wood and stone. Every design is extremely unique to ensure there is minimal repetition so there’s a floor for all your needs!



  • LayRed is resilient making it softer than all engineered alternatives.
  • Improved insulating qualities keeping temperatures comfortable in all seasons.
  • LayRed reduces walking sound and transmission sound (-21db)

The middle layer ensures the soft feel and silent acoustics. LayRed is the quietest engineered vinyl floor produced to date. Silent acoustics is something that is extremely valued and with LayRed there will be no creaking sounds between planks or irritating click-clack sounds when walking over LayRed.



  • Indentation proof – upper layer ensure no dents from heels.
  • Stable in all conditions – no change in form due to alterations in temperature.
  • Perfect for uneven surfaces – LayRed has the ability to bridge gaps.

The integrated red underlay and the lower layers guarantee a rigid strength for LayRed which is in contrast to Moduleo flexible design floors. There is no need for levelling preparation anymore. Thanks to this innovative product there is no need to break up the old floor, you just put LayRed on top of it! 

Choose your favourite design!



Quality Commercial Flooring Options

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ROC Agencies offers a variety of commercial flooring solutions and can guide you in choosing a vinyl floor whether it’s for student accommodation or low maintenance flooring for high foot traffic retail stores. We are here to help with your commercial flooring projects whether it’s for healthcare, education, or hospitality.

Some of our manufacturing partners include IVC Beyond Flooring, Lano premium carpet solutions, Bentzon Carpets, Rols Wool Carpets, ‘Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior 2020’ winner Vorwerk, and Moduleo luxury vinyl flooring. 

However, ROC Agencies are delighted to welcome some of the new brands which will expand our product portfolio even more!


Product Announcement

Schönox Brand

Floor levelling compounds, floor adhesives, and screeds

Schönox develops and manufactures quality products for installing all types of floor tiles and coverings for professionals. The range includes levelling compounds, floor adhesives, tile adhesives, primers and waterproof membranes under the Schönox brand name.

All of the Schönox products are developed and produced to the highest quality using state of the art manufacturing facilities.

SCHÖNOX New H Levelling Compounds

SCHÖNOX HS 10 –  Rapid setting, self-levelling hybrid floor levelling compound

SCHÖNOX HS 10 F – Rapid setting fibre reinforced hybrid floor levelling compound

SCHÖNOX HS 50 – Thick layer levelling compound containing Hybrid Active Dry Technology


LayRed Engineered Floors

Combines strength, comfort and design in vinyl tiles

LayRed is a multi-layered vinyl floor that combines beautiful design with supreme comfort and unrivalled strength. The clickable vinyl is engineered for the extreme: strong as hardwood and tiles, yet perfectly stable in all conditions and capable of adapting to every space, setting and challenging situation.  LayRed engineered vinyl floors come with an integrated underlay which ensures an easier installation, better sound dampening and better ability to bridge gaps or unevenness in existing floors.

IVC Beyond Flooring

Innovative flooring solutions for all sectors of the market

IVC is the commercial branch of IVC group and is dedicated to creating unique floors for retail, education, hospitality, and healthcare projects. The IVC portfolio consists of carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), and heterogeneous vinyl.

IVC not only offers great product design it also offers acoustic flooring solution that will help tackle sound in all directions. IVC acoustic flooring solution will ensure the noise doesn’t reverberate around the space itself and it doesn’t transfer through to the rooms below. IVC provides you with the option to combine both LVT and heterogeneous vinyl allowing you to create the best in design, performance, and acoustics for the projects you require.


Moduleo Design Floors – Frequently Asked Questions

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Moduleo Design Floors – Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Moduleo design floor?

1) Protectonite PU: Extra Polyurethane (PUR) treatment protects the floor against scratches and dirt.
2) Wear layer: Transparent wear layer protects the design foil. The surface embossing provides an authentic and natural appearance.
3) Design foil: Wood and tile designs are applied to the design foil by means of an innovative printing technique.
4) Backing: Sound-proof base that provides optimal adhesion to the floor thanks to the refined texture of its underside. Is Moduleo® suitable for homes with pets?
Although our Moduleo® floors are highly scratch resistant, regular trimming of the claws greatly reduces the chance of scratch marks on the floor.

Can Moduleo floors be used with underfloor heating?

Moduleo® floors feel warm and comfortable because they quickly heat up to the ambient temperature. However, all Moduleo® vinyl tiles can be used on floors fitted with hot-water and electric underfloor heating, provided the top floor surface does not heat up to more than 27°C.

Are Moduleo floors suitable for people with allergies?

Very much so. A Moduleo® floor that has been optimally installed with a perfect finish is also easy to clean and has minimal dust adhesion. Dust mites and other allergy-causing organisms cannot survive on a well-maintained Moduleo® floor.
In order to maintain good hygiene, it is very important to use Moduleo® cleaning products, which do not contain wax or form layers on which dust can stick.

Are Moduleo floors resistant to moisture and water?

Moduleo® floors are highly moisture-resistant, making them ideal for installation in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.


Can Moduleo floors be installed over existing floors?

Moduleo® floors can be installed easily on concrete floors and tiles, but careful preparation must be undertaken, including leveling and dust removal.

Can I have Moduleo on my stairs?

Yes, Moduleo® can be installed perfectly using step profiles, providing that steps are straight and not rounded.

Can I use office chairs on my Moduleo floor?

This is certainly possible, but take precautions to protect the Moduleo® floor.
1) Use soft wheels. They will dramatically increase the life of your Moduleo® floor and keep it looking beautiful for longer (they also increase seating comfort).
2) You can also place a modified transparent office chair mat under the swivel chairs.
3) Rubber can permanently damage the PVC design floor covering: avoid rubber furniture legs, rubber wheels or mats with rubber lining.

How can I keep my Moduleo floor looking new for many years?

Our Moduleo® floors, unlike some other types of flooring, are very easy to maintain. Cleaning is easy, with just an ordinary broom, microfibre cloth, vacuum cleaner or damp mop with approved detergents. It’s advisable not to use aggressive cleaning agents on your floor, to use steam cleaners or to let puddles of water to remain after cleaning.
The Protectonite PU finish of the wear layer eliminates the need for any special treatment after installation, but over time, an extra treatment with polymeric dispersion or a PU gloss polish may help if visible contaminations begin to develop.

Are Moduleo floors fire-proof?

All Moduleo® floors are tested as per the stringent European standard EN 14041. This standard also requires the testing of the reaction of the design floor to fire, among other things. The minimum value that must be achieved in this test is “E”. Moduleo® floors more than satisfy the same and all have been assigned a category “B” score.

What about Moduleo and static electricity?

All Moduleo® floors are antistatic as per the EN 14041 – CE marking. Annoying discharges on touching conductive objects are definitely a thing of the past. This also makes the floor ideal for offices, shops and other public areas.

What is Protectonite PU?

Protectonite PU is the unique protective layer that provides high wear resistance, ease of maintenance and the long-term guarantee. The Protectonite PU top layer ensures hardness, scuff and stain resistance, durability and offers excellent protection against chemicals. There is little chance of wear and tear due to heavy foot traffic or movement of furniture. The layer also provides for a natural satin finish, due to which the beauty of the designs and structures, are shown to their full advantage.

Can I install Moduleo in the bathroom?

Moduleo® is suitable for the entire house. Moduleo® floors are highly resistant to moisture, and thereby ideally suitable for installation in occasionally wet areas like bathrooms.

On what types of existing flooring can I install Moduleo?

Moduleo® floors can be installed onto wood, concrete, tile, plus soft and floating floors. However, for each material, careful preparation and planning is required.


Can I clean my Moduleo floor with a steam cleaner?

The Protectonite PU protective layer of a Moduleo® floor makes it extremely easy to maintain. Cleaning with a steam cleaner is not necessary and we strongly urge you not to use it. Hot blown steam can cause distortion in the boards, and there is a higher risk of floor damage. The steam can also enter through the joints and dissolve the adhesive bonding, leading to the risk of boards becoming unstuck.

How can I best maintain my Moduleo floor?

Each Moduleo® floor is designed to last, but to ensure that it stays at its luxurious best for years to come, just follow a few simple regular routines. Cleaning is easy, with just an ordinary broom, microfibre cloth, vacuum cleaner or damp mop with approved detergents. It’s advisable not to use aggressive cleaning agents on your floor, to use steam cleaners or to let puddles of water to remain after cleaning.
The Protectonite PU finish of the wear layer eliminates the need for any special treatment after installation, but over time, an extra treatment with polymeric dispersion or a PU gloss polish may help if visible contaminations begin to develop.




A creative studio where you can combine 10 creative and unique formats.



Feel the grooves, lines and knots just like natural wood thanks to a registered emboss texture.



The ultimate in luxury home flooring, beautiful wood & stone effects matched with unrivalled durability.



Select is perfect for any home with a stunning selection of wood and stone effects.

Moduleo Moood Herringbone Slim Classic - Geometric Floor Design

Interior Design Tip: Flooring with Timeless Geometric Patterns

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Timeless Geometric Patterns Back in Interior Design


Geometric patterns are becoming more and more popular in the interior design industry. The main reason is that geometric theme is really timeless, elegant and modern.  Using pattern can bring brand new interest and a contemporary feeling to any interior.

There is no reason not to follow these awesome geometric design trends. Herringbone, hexagon, diamond, triangle… choose your favourite!

Moduleo MOODS Diamond Origami - Vinyl Floor



The collection of carpet tiles entitled TEXtiles SL opens up realms of leeway for innovative designing. TEXtiles SL is a very personal invitation addressed to free thinking and imaginative Fantasy.

Inspiring tile models in geometric styles and highly expressive free-form shapes arose in co-operation with the award-winning designers W. Aisslinger and H. Teherani. The attraction lies in the combination of profiles, textures, colours and patterns.


Sophisticated patterns and alternating textures


Carpet Images bursting with expression originate in fanciful ways while imparting a distinctive character to rooms. Each individual carpet-tile creation is a pearl – one that attains its artistic synthesis through the planner’s imaginative composition and foresight. 

mood geometric patterns - interior design


Create the floor that is just right for you

Moduleo® Moods© is a creative studio where you can combine 10 creative and unique formats with a selection of stone and wood textures from our Transform and Impress ranges to create over 110 beautiful floor designs, from classically elegant to wildly dynamic, all with the signature Moduleo® quality.


The Triangle pattern is easily the boldest and most powerful flooring
pattern in our collection: the large angular shapes have a very strong
presence and dominant rhythm that will play a leading role in even the most expressive of interior spaces.


The Herringbone Small pattern is one of the most successful flooring patterns ever created and dates back many centuries. The fact that it’s found in grand castles just as well as modern day family homes is a clear sign of the charm and diversity of this pattern. 


The Hexagon Random pattern brings a level of sophistication to
any floor, and adapts very well to different types and sizes of spaces
because it doesn’t have a dominant angle or direction.


The Diamond Origami pattern looks like a stylised flock of birds traveling across the floor in an abstract and gentle play of geometric lines and dynamic and angular shapes.


The Honeycomb pattern is a modern recreation of a vintage classic: a traditional flooring pattern executed in contemporary textures and modern day high quality materials, this pattern is a playful and light-hearted way to add character to your interior.


The Staggered Columns pattern combines the whole range of our rectangular planks with our coloured joint strips, resulting in a floor that combines a zen-like harmony with striking detail.

When you’ve found the combination that is perfect for you, simply get in touch with us


Gradient Collection - Interior Detail

Enjoy the Visual Effects of Gradient Collection

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The Gradient Design Collection Offers a Wide Variety

Enjoy the magical visual effects of Gradient, made of 100% lyocell. Let it shine in your interior, experience the dynamic reflection of colors and yarn. Gradient is a unique carpet for unique spaces.

ECO-friendly Production

Lyocell is industrially produced from natural raw materials. It’s made from eucalyptus wood from sustainable forests and is biodegradable. The production also uses less harmful solvents and makes sure the least possible waste water ends up in the environment.

BIC Carpets Gradient Collection

Join Us to Fight Homelessness!

1m2 = €1.00 Moduleo MOODS Vinyl Floors & Peter McVerry Trust
Find out more!


Office Fitout Earlsfort

CASE STUDY: Office Fitout Earlsfort Terrace

Take a look at a lovely Victorian office refurb we did!
Earlsfort Terrace is situated within one of the most sought after commercial and residential locations within the heart of Dublin City. For Office Fitout – Earlsfort Terrace were used Lano Carpets (Zen – Midnight Blue) and Virgo (Artificial Grass).

View more details on the case study!

Moduleo Moods Basket Weave - Flooring Design

1m2 = €1.00 Moduleo MOODS: Peter McVerry Trust

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Join Us to Fight Homelessness!  


*Please note this campaign ended!*


ROC Agencies are delighted to announce a new partnership with Peter McVerry Trust. 
Peter McVerry Trust LogoThrough Moduleo and ROC’s online and offline communication channels we intend to raise awareness of the homeless crisis in Ireland and are delighted to be giving back to the local community.

Peter McVerry Trust is a homeless and housing charity established by Fr Peter McVerry in 1983. The charity was set up to reduce homelessness and the harm caused by drug misuse and social disadvantage. You can view Peter McVerry Trust website on

ROC Agencies aim to support Peter McVerry Trust by donating €1.00 for every square meter of Moduleo MOODS Design Floors sold in Ireland.


Moduleo uses its own windfarm on its purpose-built, eco-friendly production plant in Avelgem, Belgium and meets the strictest EU air and water pollution policies. All Moduleo flooring contains up to 50 per cent recycled material and are themselves recyclable, meaning Moduleo floors are not only eco-friendly in production, but also in practise.

Through our products and our new partnership with Peter McVerry Trust, ROC Agencies and Moduleo Design Floors are delighted to take another step towards our Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Moduleo MOODS

Introducing a Creative Revolution in Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Introducing a Creative Revolution in Luxury Vinyl Flooring

MOODS provides a creative studio in which you can combine ten brand-new flooring formats. Up to 110 unique wood and stone-effect designs can be created using the wide range of shapes available including hexagons, chevrons, triangles and diamonds, as well as traditional squares and rectangles. MOODS durability and R10 slip rating make it the perfect solution for your bespoke commercial or hospitality fitout.






A Stunning Collection of Woven Wilton Carpets


Carla from Moquetas Rols is a stunning collection of woven wilton carpets in 3 designs Herringbone, Greek Key and Houndstooth with 6 on-trend colours across the range.

Manufactured with 100% wool and Econyl type 6 nylon, resulting in a contemporary lustrous appearance which can be installed in heavy domestic or contract locations due to its class 33 heavy wear rating. AVAILABLE FROM STOCK with a two week lead-time or custom options available with an infinite choice of 2 colour patterns.

UCD Smurfit Restaurant

Take a look at our new project with Moduleo. 

Moduleo Transform installed in UCD Smurfit Restaurant. Transform collection includes unrivalled durability and a stunning selection of wood and stone effects.

mohawk earth to sky collection office meeting

ROC Launch Mohawk in Ireland with Support from State of the Art European Factory

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Mohawk Earth to Sky Collection Carpet OfficeWe are delighted to announce we are now the exclusive Irish distributor of Mohawk Carpet Tiles.

This month Mohawk have opened a state of the art manufacturing plant which will operate in a six acre space in Mouscron, Belgium. The product offer will benefit from Mohawk Group’s leading global know-how in the carpet tile segment.

Produced from granulate to tile, products will be available in bitumen and non-bitumen-cushioned backings, benefiting from all the industry leading green credentials of the Mohawk Group.

Eco-friendly and compliant with all European standards, Mohawks carpet tiles are also CE-certified and boast a number of accreditations, including REACH and LEED.

Mohawk Lichen Carpet Nature Collection Office


Moduleo Launch New Impress

Moduleo, has expanded its Impress range with a number of new designs, almost doubling the collection’s existing product portfolio. Five wood, one stone and three abstract designs have been introduced to the range, providing a total of 12 designs, 44 colours and 72 SKUs.


Take a look at our case study:Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise 2600m2 office fit-out using our very own Mohawk carpet tile and Moduleo Moods. ROC Agencies combined with Design Folk and IIS Ltd to create this ultra-modern floor design for Hewlett Packards office fitout in Leixlip Co. Kildare